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for Missing or Damaged Teeth

If you are suffering the discomfort of missing or malformed teeth, Cosmopolitan Dental is highly qualified to restore your dental health and put a smile back on your face.

We offer several solutions for one or more missing teeth:

Dental implants are the most secure and natural solution available. A dental implant acts as a permanent anchor for an artificial replacement tooth. After the implant has been surgically placed and healed, we attach a permanent crown that looks and feels exactly like a natural tooth. If you are looking at new solutions for full or partial mouth reconstruction, we can eliminate the need for dentures altogether with four or more implants. Read more about our dental implant program.

Bridges provide a good nonsurgical option if you have at least one healthy tooth on either side of the gap to hold the restoration in place.

Dentures can restore the healthy function and appearance of your mouth when you’ve lost multiple teeth, keeping facial muscles from sagging as well as making it easy to eat, talk and smile. Dentures can be complete, providing a full set of teeth for your upper and/or lower arches. Or they can be partial, replacing a set of missing teeth when there are no adjacent or posterior teeth to hold a bridge in place. We give equal attention to beauty and function so that we can promise dentures that look as great as they feel.

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